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Custom hose Rebuilding and Fabrication


We have the capability of virtually duplicating any type of hose imaginable. If we cannot duplicate the line, in most cases, we can “recover” the ends and replace the leaking hose section. We can manufacture most all steel and aluminum lines with the appropriate sealing ends. If there is a hose you cannot get for any reason, just bring the old assembly in and we will either replace or repair the line. Listed below are some of the lines we can help you with:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Steering
  • Oil Cooler Lines
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • Pressure Washer Lines
  • Stainless Steel Braided Lines
  • Aeroquip Lines
  • Air and Water Hoses

Rhino Linings Sprayed On Bed Liners


Maxair has been applying Rhino Linings since 1998. We have sprayed approximately 12,000 trucks and counting. All technicians are expertly trained and some of the best in the industry. We pride on giving the highest quality product along with great service to insure our customers complete satisfaction.

Most normal truck bed applications take just one business day to complete and is ready for your use and pleasure when you pick up your truck.

We are specialists at applying many diverse applications such as trailers, Jeep tubs, rocker panels, nerf bars, tool boxes, grille guards, and much more.


Air Conditioning Repair


We can provide any kind of mobile air conditioning repair that is necessary. All our technicians are trained and certified. We possess the skill and equipment necessary to perform accurate, quality, and affordable repairs to you’re A/C system. We can repair all types of A/C systems, from a passenger cars to tractors. Our procedure for evaluating an inoperative system is as follows:

There is a flat fee of $70.00 (passenger cars, trucks, & SUV’s) for the evaluation. We will determine (with 1-2 hours) what the problem is. At that time we will provide you a written estimate. If you decide to have the work done, then we waive the evaluation fee and you pay the estimate amount when your vehicle is completed. If you decline the repairs, you are responsible for the evaluation fee which is applicable to the repair if you should decide to have it done at a later date. In the event of a low refrigerant condition in which we cannot determine with absolute certainty where the leak is, then we will load dye in along with the refrigerant and have you operate the unit as much as possible for 3-4 weeks, in which we would like you to return for a “dye check” (approximately 15-30 minutes) and upon our findings, you will then know what is required to fix the leak in your A/C system.:

Due to the abnormality of these particular vehicles, the evaluation fee is $100 for Tractors, Buses, and Limousines. The same diagnostics procedure applies to these vehicles as well.


Professional Installation of all Products Offered


We can provide you professional installation of any of the products we offer and can also help you with installation of your own products. We have many years experience with all bolt on, 12 volt, and dress up type accessories. We can also provide assistance in the repair or replacement of your existing auto or truck accessory.



North Denver: 303.452.4543
South Denver: 303.706.0000