Power Windows & Power Door Locks

We can convert manual windows to power, utilizing a system that retains all the factory components.  We install the custom switching into each door.  We can also convert manual lock to power allowing you to add keyless entry to virtually any vehicle.

Driving & Fog Lights

We have a multitude of different lighting products available.  We carry all the major brands and can help you with the best choice relative to your needs.  We also have replacement bulbs to enhance your current headlight’s performance.

Rear Obstacle Sensing Systems & Back-Up Cameras

We can provide you with the state-of-the-art rear obstacle sensing system available today.  There are sensors mounted in the rear bumper to indicate to you that you are nearing objects that you may not see when you are moving backward. We can also supply and install Rearview backup cameras to allow you to visually see behind your vehicle while moving in reverse.

Heated Seats & Lumbar Seats

Tired of sitting in that cold seat this winter.  We can install heated seat elements into your existing seats.  We can also add inflatable lumbar supports as well.

Mobile Video

A wide variety of mobile video entertainment systems.  Including, drop-down screens, headrest units, DVDs, game console adaptors, and much, much, more.

Keyless Entry, Remote Start, and Alarm Systems

A wide variety of remote entry systems available.  From standard Keyless Entries to full-featured alarm systems with remote starting capabilities.  High-end models incorporate “2-way” technology.

Cruise Control

Cruise systems for most cars and trucks.  OEM operation.  Clean unit with a 1-year warranty.  Set, Cancel, Resume, Accelerate & Decelerate functions on all models.